Great looking functional smiles

If teeth do not function well, an apple cannot be eaten easily. Great functioning teeth will always look great too. Many people just deal with a bite that is ok and does the job; but, when realizing that one’s bite affects the overall heath, most desire to take action. Esthetics and cosmetics are not just the same smile on every face; they are as individual as a snow flake, and we will aim to work within your face to find the very best smile for you! We begin with a comprehensive exam to gather as much data as possible about you. We find out what you know about dentistry,  
and where you want to go in the future with your dentistry. If you did like something about your old dentist; yet, you did not like other things about that dental experience, we will try to work with the positive and go forward from there. Pictures and models of your teeth can help us gather data. When all the data is in, we will sit down to go over the findings. After you have heard all the specifics and options, you guide the treatment plan. We want you in driver’s seat from that point on.

We use the Latest technology

Here you are walking into a practice equipped with the very latest technology available. Today, we use this new technology to not only complete some great restorative dentistry but also to keep you comfortable. Combine this technology with a warm, welcoming setting, and that is what Generations Dentistry is all about.