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Quality Customer

From the moment you enter our office, our friendly and helpful staff work hard to ensure that your visit is a positive one.


Dr. Trentalange uses a Solea Laser to remove cavities. With the laser, anesthesia is not needed, which means no drooling or fat, numb lip for you.


Computer-aided dentistry enables us to provide you with same day service for crowns, inlays and onlays. When combined with 3D digital photography, you will receive a custom fit.

Form Follows Function

Form follows function as Frank Lloyd Wright so aptly said many years ago. When a smile functions well and does every thing it needs to do for a person, it always looks great too. When we look at esthetics in dentistry, we need to make teeth function as well.

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  • James Trentalange

    Dr. James Trentalange

  • Brooke Libby

    Brooke Libby

  • Ansley Daley

    Ansley Daley

  • Peyton Janelle

    Peyton Janelle

  • Jen Shaw

    Jen Shaw

  • Jessica Roy

    Jessica Roy

  • Kathleen Yemma

    Kathleen Yemma

How to find us

We are conveniently located on Route 1 in Arundel,
Maine, approximately .5 miles north of the Mann
Memorial Veterinary Clinic.